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With thousands of betting sites all over the world, it's hard to find the best ones, especially for punters new to the sports betting scene. We have the best online bookmaker's banner on top of our website and one is encourage to visit them and place their bets there. But if you need more information, read on.

 What makes one betting site different from the next? Tough question to answer, but here are the main features you should look for when searching for sports betting websites. First and foremost, the reputation of the betting site should be untarnished. You can check this on various review websites and industry watchdogs, as well as browsing betting forums and blogs. If people complain about a bookie, you are bound to hear about it.

 Other features of top bookmakers include the welcome bonus, the bigger the free bets offers the better. You should also make sure the betting websites you are looking into do offer odds on all the popular sports and all football matches. Follow the info above and you will fin yourself a top online bookmaker.

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